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transgendered support groups are organizations that have physical meetings or web-based forums/email groups which offer support to individuals in the Transgendered community.

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Renaissance Transgender Association
Based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Includes monthly magazine, resource papers and publications, and information on membership, chapters and affiliates, forming a support group and their speakers bureau.
Based in New Zealand. Includes membership, meeting and contact information, news, articles and a library.
Beaumont Society
United Kingdom based. Includes meeting, membership and contact information; advice column, message boards, free email, magazine, chat room and guestbook. Significant other helpline, world transgendered news, and resources.
Chicago Gender Society
Based in Chicago, Illinois. Includes, meeting, membership and contact information, and an events calendar.
Connecticut Outreach Society
Based in West Hartford, Connecticut. Includes meeting, membership, and contact information, a FAQ page, calendar of events, reading room, and information on their speakers bureau.
The Crystal Club
Central Ohio CD/TS/m-f/f-m/SO support group,weekly meetings. Educational Web-site with links to other groups, surgery links and information for and about transgender.
Emerald City
Seattle, Washington. Local monthly meeting. Includes membership, contact and event information, articles and a guestbook.
Esprit Gala
Based in Port Angeles, WA. Esprit is a 1 week TG conference held in Port Angeles, WA. Educational classes for CDs, TS's, couples and S.O.s is a primary focus as well as having fun and meeting others.
Gender Mosaic Transgender Support Group
Based in Ottawa, Ontario, serving Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec. Includes membership, meeting and event information, member photos, a library, newsletter and Ottawa area resources.
Gloucestershire, UK. Forum, mailing list, and weekly meetups.
Northern Concord, The
Based in Manchester, UK. Includes membership and meeting information, a calendar of events, helpline information, a magazine, profiles of some members and articles.
Tiffany Club of New England, The
Based in Waltham, Massachusetts. Membership, meeting and contact information, an event calendar and an advice column.
TransFamily Cleveland
Cleveland, Ohio. Meeting and contact information, email support groups, referrals, literature, and over-the-phone information on transgender issues.
Transsexual UK Support Group.
Includes membership information, chat room, discussion forum, electronic booklets, event calendar, medical information, and news.
Tri Ess Crossdressers
United States crossdresser organization. Regional chapter directory, membership information, event calendar and publications.
Washington Gender Alliance
A support and educational organization for the entire gender community of WA state, including those questioning their gender, and our friends and families. Weekly Open Support meetings are held in Bellingham and Everett, WA. Speakers are available upon request.
Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Contact, meeting and membership information. Publications, events calendar, support column, Toronto dining and shopping guide.

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