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Al Gore's Speech on Iraq
Transcript of the former US vice-president's speech on Iraq and the war on terrorism.
America's Bid for Empire
Argues that the U.S. Congress has kept Americans uninformed about the objectives and hard choices necessary for meeting the terrorist threat.
Call in Congress for Full Airing of Iraq Policy
A growing number of Congress members from both parties urge the Bush administration to provide a public accounting of its plans. New York Times, US (free registration required).
George Bush's Speech on Iraq
Full text of an address given by the US President in Cincinnati.
Top Republicans Break With Bush on Iraq Strategy
Reports on the arguments given by senior republicans, including Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft, for their doubts about current plans. New York Times, US (free registration required).
US Anti-war Groups Flex their Muscle
Reports on the participants of anti-war-activism and upcoming demonstrations. The Guardian, UK.
US Department of State: Iraq
Official documents, transcripts of speeches, background information and reports. Includes a country profile.
War Clouds Gather as Hawks Lay their Plans
Speculates about reasons for information leaks in the Pentagon. The Observer, UK.
War Plans Under Fire as Even Bush Heartland Talks Peace
Ed Vulliamy sums up the voices against an attack inside the US. The Observer, UK.
With Talk of Conflict with Iraq, Americans Remember the Human Cost of Vietnam
Duncan Campbell reports on the mood among Americans, focusing on minorities, and discusses the value of opinion polls. The Guardian, UK.
Slate - Lies, Damned Lies, and Bush's Iraq Statistics
States Bush has touted 3 sets of statistics to justify claims of great progress in Iraq, but all three turn out to be misleading if not completely false. (October 07, 2004)
Just War - Or A Just War?
Editorial by former president Jimmy Carter. New York Times [free registration required]. (March 09, 2003)
Profound Effect on US Economy Seen in a War on Iraq
Analyses the possible economic effects. New York Times [free registration required]. (July 29, 2002)
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