This category is for sites with information and comments about International Standard ISO 8601, the Date and Time Standard now officially adopted in nearly every country of the world. This standard defines various formats based on Year-Month-Day for Dates, and Hours:Minutes:Seconds for Time, as well as covering the numbering of Days within the Year, Months and Weeks within the Year, and Days within the Week. This standard was a core requirement for Year 2000 Fixes, and is highly recommended for all new computer protocols, databases, and much other work. There are hundreds of sites with useful information. This category will feature many of the best of these. There is also a mailing list where users can find advice from other users. This is on YahooGroups, and listed within this category. Click the ISO 8601 link above to access this reference section and the further links to various other ISO 8601 information sites.

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International Standard Date and Time Notation
by Markus Kuhn - An introduction to ISO 8601, the YYYY-MM-DD date and the 24-hour time notation, with notes on week numbers and on implementation.
54 Weeks in 2000 : Another Y2K Problem!
A short discussion about week numbering, showing how the ISO 8601 standard had fixed a Y2K problem, long before it was noticed in other non-ISO week-numbering schemes.
The Best Of Dates, The Worst Of Dates
Just because Y2K is over, doesn't mean programmers are done creating date bugs - covers many date and time issues, especially ISO 8601 - by Gilbert Healton.
Calculating the ISO week number - by Jan Stout.
WeekNumber Calculation Explanation.
Date and Time Notation - Macintosh Procedure for ISO 8601 Format
Setting up your Mac to use the Year-Month-Day date format. Instructions are for MAC OS 7, but are easily adapted for later versions.
Date and Time Notation - Windows Procedure for ISO 8601 Format
Setting up your PC to use the Year-Month-Day date format. Instructions are for Windows 95, but are easily adapted for later versions.
Date and Time on the Internet
A proposal to use the ISO date format for Internet applications - by Chris Newman.
Date and Time on the Internet - Timestamps
Document: draft-ietf-impp-datetime-05 - An updated proposal to use a limited subset of ISO-compliant date formats for date stamps on the Internet - by Chris Newman.
Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps
RFC 3339 defines a date and time format for use in Internet protocols that is a profile of the ISO 8601 standard for representation of dates and times using the Gregorian calendar - by Graham Klyne and Chris Newman [FTP].
Date and Time: Week Numbers
Windows date and time locale tables sorted both by country order and by definition order - by Peter J Haas in Germany.
Discussion About the ISO 8601 Standard
About 200 people worldwide, who already use and promote the ISO 8601 Year-Month-Day date format have formed this discussion group. Go here for help and advice, or for general discussion. Message archive can be browsed. If you wish to join in, there are options to participate via the Web-based front-end, or subscribe via email.
Fast RFC 3339 date processing in javascript
AJAX routine for faster RFC 3339 date processing.
Human Temporal Measurements: Time Measurements and Date Formats
Internation Date Format (ISO 8601) and BCE, CE versus BC and AD. By Vexen Crabtree.
Implementation of the ISO 8601 Standard
A list of countries around the world that have adopted the ISO 8601 standard, also lists equivalent national standards numbers where applicable.
Information on ISO 8601, the date and time representation standard
A short description of and motivation for ISO 8601, the date and time representation standard, with links to more detailed resources - by Jukka Korpela in Finland.
ISO 8601 Date and Time - Converting and Implementing
How to implement the use of the Year-Month-Day Date format in various computer systems - includes some programming examples and the 'Date Format Poll' - by Nikolai Sandved in Norway.
ISO 8601 Date/Time Representations
A simple introduction to ISO 8601 date and time formats - University of Wellington in New Zealand.
ISO 8601: the Right Format for Dates
A short description, and guide to usage, of the ISO 8601 format, with some links to further resources.
The ISO Date Format
Discussion of formats for expressing dates, with particular reference to the ISO 8601 date format - by Peter Meyer.
Issues about Date and Time
by Clive D.W. Feather.
Javascript Code
Parsing ISO 8601 Date/Times in JavaScript.
The Many Dates and Times of Perl
A tour of the many date and time handling modules on the CPAN - by Dave Rolsky.
The Mathematics of the ISO 8601 Calendar
A comprehensive document covering how week numbers are calculated using the ISO 8601 calendar system. Includes links to many further resources.
New Date
A private site about the advantages of using ISO 8601-style dates.
Problem F - Standard Dates (50 Points)
A problem set for computer studies students involving programming using the ISO 8601 date format.
Project 2038 FAQ
Description of computer problems with date/time calculations coming in year 2038.
Schema Time Changes (Draft)
Useful information about date and time - by M. Davis.
Use International Date Format
How and why to use international date format in your document - from the W3C QA section.
Using ISO 8601 Dates
ISO 8601 Dates: What they are and why they're good - University of Illinois at Chicago in the USA.
W3C Date and Time Formats
Defines a profile of ISO 8601 referenced by the W3C HTML recommendation.
W3C I18N Q&A: Date formats
Discussion of date formats for internationalisation.
Week Numbers In Excel
How to calculate absolute week numbers, Excel week numbers and ISO week numbers (with Formula and VBA). Links to other ISO 8601 related materials.
The Y2K Problem, UIC, and You
Describes Year 2000 fixes for computer systems, mainly based on using the ISO 8601 standard for dates.
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