Science Instruments and Supplies Laboratory Automation and Robotics
This category contains sites that list automated products for the laboratory such as auto samplers, robotics, high throughput screening equipment, and mechanical devices that make lab work easier for the lab tech. These devices perform the mind-numbing repetitive exercises for the lab tech. This category does not include computers and/or software.

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AB Controls
Custom hardware and software for factory automation, laboratory automation, data acquisition, motion control, robotics and machine vision applications.
Services and products for laboratory automation.
Adept Technology
Designs, manufactures, and markets factory automation components and systems.
Advanced Automation
Turnkey supplier of custom hardware solutions.
Advent Design
Custom engineering solutions and services in automation, product and machine design.
Applied Robotics
Automation accessories.
Astech Projects
Specialise in the development and supply of advanced automated system solutions.
Aurora Biomed
Aurora Biomed provides enabling technologies, assay services, and reagents for life sciences, drug discovery research, analytical chemistry, drug safety screening, liquid handling and laboratory automation.
Fully automated nucleic acid extraction instruments and colony/plaque picking systems.
Manufacturer of a multifunctional robot for automatically isolating individual cells and clones, with modular liquid handling system using micro-annular gear pumps to pipette precise amounts of fluids. Product overview and profile of company in Jena, Germany. [English/German]
Berthold Detection Systems
Biomedical detection systems.
Label-free surface plasmon resonance (SPR) based technology for studying biomolecular interactions in real time.
Biomedical testing equipment, laboratory instrumentation, associated software programs and integrated systems.
Manufactures a wide line of specialty equipment modules for the use in the production of rapid biodiagnostic test devices.
Biometra develops, manufactures and sells products for the molecular biology and biochemistry market, including Peltier driven multiple thermocyclers, electrophoresis instruments and specialised blotting devices.
Automated liquid handling and synthesis.
Specialists in the detection of parvovirus b19, herpesvirus-6, herpesvirus-8 and GST assays to monitor organ and tissue damage.
Biochip applications include drug discovery, diversity screening, genomics, proteomics, biosensors and clinical diagnostic tools.
BMG Labtech
Manufacturer of microplate measurement and handling systems for basic research and High Throughput Screening.
Bohdan and Myriad
Reagent preparation and liquid handling, purification and workup, synthesis, process development.
Manufactures laboratory equipment for the biomedical research industry, including automated sample preparation and harvesting systems, superfusion systems, microdispensers, filter paper, test plates.
Brooks Automation
Provides automation, vacuum, and instrumentation solutions for semiconductor manufacturing, life sciences, and clean energy.
Cambridge Reactor Design Ltd
Provides customisation and automation services in the areas of high throughput batch processing, continuous processing, automation and automated corrosion testing.
Canadian Robotics
Provides services in supporting robotic automation industry in North America.
Clinical automation and sample transport.
Microwave synthesis, medicinal chemistry, lead optimization and drug development.
CETAC Technologies
Product based solutions for the analysis of elements in samples ranging from drinking water and high purity acids to radio-active waste.
Chemistry instruments and consumables including fully automated parallel synthesizers and instruments for high throughput solid dispensing and liquid handling.
Pre-printed bar code label suppliers, on-demand label printing systems, automatic applicating systems, custom software and interfaces, materials and adhesives.
CTC Analytics
Develops and manufactures laboratory front end automation systems.
Modular technology platforms for automated drug research, high throughput screening, liquid handling, luminescence readers.
DYNEX Technologies
Microplate luminometers, fluorometers, absorbance readers and microplates for biotechnology, biomedical research, clinical diagnostics.
EMD Millipore
Technologies, tools and services for the development and production of new therapeutic drugs.
Epsilon Engineering
Robotics automation technology using conveyor and material handling systems. Other work includes CAD drafting and factory layout design.
EPSON Factory Automation/Robotics
High precision industrial robots, PC based controls, machine vision systems and other automation products.
FANUC Robotics
Designs, engineers and manufactures robots and robotic systems as well as software, controls and vision products for the development of robotic systems.
Manufactures and distributes robotic tips compatible with major liquid handlers such as Beckman and Velocity11.
Computational analysis of genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, and metabolomes as well as compound libraries.
Provides systems for screening and selection of mammalian secretory cell lines and microbial colonies, undertakes genetic testing, and has expertise in robotics, cell and molecular biology, image analysis and interpretation
Solvent evaporation and parallel synthesis technologies for drug discovery research.
Automated liquid handling, and fraction collectors.
Nanoliter-scale immunoassays for time-critical workflows in the biopharmaceutical industry.
Hamilton Robotics
Specializes in the design, manufacturing, and servicing of automated liquid handling workstations and robotic labware manipulators to provide automation solutions for the bio-pharmaceutical and diagnostic testing industries.
Hamilton Storage Technologies
Specialist in laboratory automation, offering modular and scalable systems that automate sample storage, management and processing.
Hampton Research
Research tools for the crystallization of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and small molecules.
Provider of automated research and development equipment, for high-throughput experimentation and calorimetry. Based in the UK, with offices in Europe and the US.
Herzog Maschinenfabrik
Laboratory automation, sample preparation, and pneumatic tube systems.
Sonicator for microplates can be used for the deagglomeration, dispersing, degassing and for cell disruption.
HighRes Biosolutions
Provider of modular automated systems and bench top instruments for drug discovery research, including ultra high-throughput screening and compound management.
Italian company designing and manufacturing robotic and automatic systems for analytical chemistry and life science, including robotic systems for managing samples from preparation to storage.
Hudson Robotics Inc.
Produces robots to solve specific lab automation needs including plate washers, plate readers, plate sealers, liquid handling systems, bar code readers and printers, and thermal cyclers.
ILS Automation
Providing products and services that improve laboratory research and development and batch process manufacturing.
Innovative Instruments
Provides analytical and quality control devices for research and development and QC laboratories. Products include a line of Validation Plates for microplate readers and Ultra-Fast Fluorescence Lifetime detectors.
Innovative Instruments
Manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of laboratory and testing equipment. New Delhi, India.
Creates and manufactures automatic instruments for behavior research in neurobiology and pharmacology.
On-site paging and messaging solutions.
Products and application areas include fluorescence polarization, drug metabolism, recombinant human proteins, PCR, molecular and cell biology, and contract manufacturing services.
J-KEM Scientific
Temperature controllers, vacuum controllers, combinatorial reactors, parallel reactors, robotics, automation, reaction blocks, custom lab equipment.
Design and build of custom automated machines and systems; precision machining and tooling; precision dies and stampings; and cable harnesses and contract manufacturing of electromechanical assemblies.
Solutions for wireless messaging, used to monitor laboratory automation.
Products for high throughput genomics, proteomics and high throughput screening.
Sensors, machine vision systems, measuring instruments, bar code readers, PLCs and other factory automation sensor products.
Klocke Nanotechnik
The 3D-Nanofinger is a nanorobotic profilometer and 3D coordinate measuring machine. Provides technical details.
Lab Automation AGVs
Mobile robots for automated delivery of up to 200lb payload in a laboratory environment.
Lab Automation Robots Dot Com
Resources for automation products and turnkey automation systems for a variety of laboratory applications in the life sciences industry and the advanced manufacturing sectors.
Lab Services
Liquid handling, fluorescence readers, robotics, fully automated MTP laboratories, consumables.
Automated pipetting workstations, automatic microplate washers, magnetic bead washers, DNA extraction working decks, HTS plate replicators, microplate incubators and microplate coolers.
Labman Automation
Labman designs and manufactures complete robotic solutions for pharmaceutical, and analytical labs.
LEAP Technologies
Front-end automation for chromatography, mass spectroscopy, elemental analysis, and other analytical techniques.
Technology measures multiple analytes simultaneously in a single reaction vessel.
Micrologic Integrated Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Provides test engineering and automation solutions. The core competency is the integration of state-of-the art hardware components with custom software for functionality and scalability. Bangalore, India.
Manufacturer of Sonicator ultrasonic liquid processors and full line of ductless fume hoods. Also offers ultrasonic medical devices.
Molecular Devices
Cell and plate washers and dispensers, bioanalytical measurement systems, cell harvesters, supernatant collection system.
Automation components.
MTS Systems
Equipment for mechanical testing and simulation: vehicle testing, material testing, aerospace testing, noise and vibration, custom engineering; position sensors and servo motors, for process automation.
Automated systems for high throughput sequencing or the production of microarrays; and thermal cyclers.
New Precision Technology
Standard and semi-custom automated systems for dispensing, soldering, gasketing, conformal coating, and pick and place assembly.
Nexus Biosystems
Library synthesis, compound storage and management, and protein crystal imaging and incubation.
Online sales of crystallography related supplies, chemicals and tools.
Panasonic Factory Automation
Manufacturing and assembly equipment.
Parker Daedal
Motion solutions including positioners, linear servo motors, precision ball-screws, and belt driven tables for life sciences automation applications.
Solubility and permeability measurement.
Production Robotics
Contract engineering and manufacturing service to clients in the biotechnology, diagnostics, microsurgery, pharmaceutical packaging, food processing, electronics manufacturing and automotive industries.
Genome-based drug discovery equipment.
Pyrosequencing AB
Solutions for applied genetic analysis based on a simple-to-use DNA sequencing technique.
Qsonica, LLC.
Manufacturer of Sonicator ultrasonic liquid processors and accessories including probes, cup horns, flocells and sound enclosures.
Radiometer Analytical
Laboratory instrumentation for pH, ion and conductivity measurements; titration and automation; trace analysis; electrochemistry.
Robosoft provides robotics solutions and generic components for researchers.
Products for automation of sample (pre) treatment, weighing, measurements of BOD, pH, conductivity, turbidity and the interfacing of systems and instruments.
RTS Life Science
Supplier of solutions for automated sample storage, retrieval and management, high throughput screening, drug delivery automation and integrated automation systems.
S-T Robotics
Bench top robot arms for light industry, laboratory and nuclear applications.
Offers a range of robot systems targeted at small parts assembly and handling applications.
Sartorius AG
Benchtop automation for sample weighing.
Biotech robotic automation and laboratory LIMS software.
UK company designing and manufacturing UHF radio systems for on-site paging, telemetry and security applications.
Robotic XYZ automated liquid handling modules and workstations, and modules for OEM integration and bench application.
Sonics and Materials, Inc.
Ultrasonic liquid processors for dispersing, blending, atomizing and expediting chemical reactions.
Development and production of test appliances and automated systemsfor pharmaceutical companies.
Diverse Screening Libraries (HTS), Targeted Libraries, Building Blocks, Natural Products, Cheminformatic Services, Compound Handling projects, Contract Research and Custom Synthesis.
Stäubli Robotics
High speed and precision robots for all automation needs.
Surface Optics
Optical and thermal analysis, characterization and exploitation of surface properties. Measurement and modeling of optical property data.
Synchron Lab Automation
Developer and supplier of lab automation products and systems for a variety of laboratory applications specializing in automated liquid handling.
Designer and manufacturer of automated products for research and development chemists including flow reactor systems, batch reactor systems, microreactor and automation technology.
Development and manufacturing of solutions for specimen handling and detection for diagnostic and life science.
Technologies for Drug Discovery, Life Sciences and other industrial applications.
The Technology Partnership (TTP)
Provides integrated biology/hardware solutions in areas such as High Throughput Screening (HTS) and diagnostics.
Provides microscale flow instruments and reactors, for continuous synthesis in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Overview of products, technology, and company.
Thomas Cain, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of an automated sample digestion system for metals analysis.
Precision liquid handling in the microliter range and stacker based microplate instrumentation for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, life science research institutions, clinical laboratories and diagnostic products manufacturers.
Manufactures and distributes sample processing apparatus for microplates.
Torcon Instruments
Microplate-based instrumentation including Optical Density Readers, Luminometers, Fluorometers, Precision Fluid Dispensing, Automated Microplate Manipulating and Positioning.
TTP LabTech
Supplies high-speed automated compound storage and retrieval systems, nanoliter liquid handling technologies and fluorescence detection instrumentation.
Union Biometrica
Technically complex system solutions for use in multicellular organism research.
Universal Technology
Automation solutions for drug discovery.
Buy and sell used robots and parts. Motoman, Panasonic, ABB, Fanuc and others.
Virtual Laboratory PSNC
The Virtual Laboratory is a distributed workgroup environment, providing a remote access to NMR spectrometer and other unique equipment as well as supports user with educational web-based area.
Hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, and robotic product lines.
High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), thermal analysis, and mass spectrometry (MS).
Liquid handling robots for life science and diagnostics markets.
Yaskawa America
Provides a wide variety of robots for a broad range of applications.
Zinsser Analytic
Workbench automation for drug discovery, plastic and glass sample vials, scintillators and vials for scintillation counting.

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